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Iveyboi said:
Have been a member since day 1; won't be changing.

Would REALLY like to know:
1) Number of subscribers
2) Number of yearly vs monthly subscribers
3) How the free games model works: No way Sony pays the publisher much (if any) per download; the $55 would be gone in a few games. But if that is the case why would the publishers offer? This has made me scratch my head since the free games started.

3. I too speculated on this. The games that are free, Id imagine they are not recent and therefore downloads have slowed to a crawl.Digital game sales are far more profitable then retail since its really just downloading a copy of a game.

Id imagine Sony could pay maybe $1-$2 dollars per free game. Publisher gets some revenue from downloads that werent getting any action by themselves, and im sure Sonys makes maybe at least $10 profit from every yearly subscriber.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)