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Khuutra said:
Jay520 said:
Khuutra said:

Cultural relativity, by necessity, means I don't have to care about cultural relativity

So you admit to being both ethnocentric and intolerant?

Are you saying that there's a necessary cultural homogeny within a given ethnicity? I have some textbooks I could share with you on the subject, but it can best be summed up as "That is a fallacious assumption"

Now, as to intolerant, we'd have to lay down the framework in which "intolerance" can be appropriately applied, so as to avoid the problem of saying that anyone who disapproves of anything is necessarily intolerant

The question is

How long do you want this conversation to be.

Yes, ethnicity, by definition, consists of people of a similar culture. If you don't agree with that definition, then it doesn't matter anyway, since the term 'ethnocentrism' is based around culture regardless.

So do you admit to being ethnocentric?


As for intolerance, I agree that mere disapproval may or may qualify as intolerance, depending on certain person's definition of the term. For clarity, I suppose it's appropriate for me to ask: Do you respect runqvist's actions? That should make your tolerance, or lack thereof, more obvious.

As for how long I want this convo to be (not sure why you italicized 'be')...as long as it takes you to admit to your ways.