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$60 is no different than their PS3/Xbox 360 counterparts, so no; Wii U games should not be priced the same as Wii games.

The real issue here is whether the default price for all console (and increasingly for new release PC games) should automatically be $60, when there is a huge disparity in production and marketing budgets between various games being sold at the same price.

Sure, this is how it is in the movie industry where a ticket costs the same regardless of whether a film is an indy film made on a shoestring budget, or Avatar, made for a quarter of a billion, but with games being a license and or piece of inventory, the two products being sold aren't comparable.

But as the boxed game retail model decreases in relevance, it's likely there will continue to be a shift in terms of tiered game pricing for new release titles as we have already been seeing with games distributed through DD services like PSN, XBL and Steam.

So maybe the question is which games being sold for the box retail model should be allowed to get away with being priced at $60, regardless of platform, because there are plenty of games being released as such specifically because so many consumers have been conditioned to pay standard box retail prices for anything that isn't clearly a low budget release.