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Jay520 said:

Actually, the Wii isn't that much higher than the PS3 & 360. When you exclude any games with 'Wii' in the title, the list would be virtually identical.

I'm sure if the PS3 had games with 'PS3' in the title, they would sell as much as those Wii games. The difference is: Sony doesn't implement dirty tactics for sales like Nintendo does. Sony wants to earn success. That doesn't include putting the name of the console in a game's title to mislead consumers.

The only reason Wii games sell so much is because game have the word 'Wii' in their title.

Ya you're right. Sony could easily sell 10 million more copies of each exclusive if they slapped PS3 on the title. They just prefer to lose billions of dollars instead of actually making money. They'd rather earn 5 million game sales than use "dirty tactics" and sell 20 million copies and actually make a profit. Lulz.

Are you serious? Seriously serious? You must be a business major.