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What about cheating women

Men cheat way way more than women. If a woman does it it's because she probably learned it from another man.

Care to back that up WITH SCIENCE?  as it stands, that sounds like quite possibly the most ignorant, sexist thing I've read on this forum.  Congrats!  you're an ignorant bigot! go back to whence you came! 

I don't think it was sexist at all. I can name like 20 guys on one hand I know personally who cheat on their girlfriends all the time. I know one girl who cheated on her boyfriend, and she told him with tears in her eyes. He broke up with her.. I do think he made the right move. He is now in a very happy relationship.

yeah, and I know dozens of gay folks, in fact more of my friends are gay or bi than straight...just becuase you experience something doesn't mean it's the majority.  if you actually think it does, then you clearly don't understand how science works. 

And how is what you're saying NOT sexist?  basically what you've said in this thread is that women are fragile, co-dependent emotionally unstable creatures who are too weak-willed to deal with their cheating men on their own, and men are selfish, ignorant pigs who care not for anything but the wetness of their dicks. You've managed to be offensive and rude to both genders.  we're not living in the 1600's you chauvanistic pig. 

I just posted facted and you're still ignoring them.

Most women are fragile, but that's why so many women are becoming the pants in the family. Women need to be independent and strong. I'm not the pig who believes cheating men are okay. I'm actually finding your posts pretty sexist...

You're honestly unable to see the ignorance and hypocrisy in your statements?  dude, you are incredibly sexist, if you can't s ee that then there is no helping you. 

Still ignoring my facts I see. If you cannot contribute then can you please stop spamming in my thread?


Reputation proceeds me, they told you I'm crazy, I swear I don't love the drama it loves me <3