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Ps3 said:
lestatdark said:
*claps hands* Congrats PS3, you got what you wanted .

Anyone that has not yet figured out that PS3 is a troll account, should really pay more attention to his threads in the future. Have none of you wondered why he hasn't replied yet? He almost never does .

1. I do have a job you know.

2. I would actually do your homework if I were you. If you look at all my threads I actually have at least 2 replies on every page.


Nice try, but no cigar.

When I say you almost never reply, I mean in comparison to the huge amount of comments you get in your threads. You usually start threads with one-sided remarks and (as in the case of this thread) polemic content which normally get a huge influx of contradictory responses to whom you rarely respond back or to only a very restricted select few. 

As for having a job, good for you. You're basically on the top % of most VGC users, so that doesn't single you out .

Adding my own two cents to this thread in particular:

You really have no idea what you're talking about. Cheating is an issue that has really few distinctions between men and women, since it's practiced by both sexes with almost the same kind of parameters and in some social circles, it's actually stimulated. Personally, i'm completely against cheating in any form, be it by a man or by a woman and I have suffered in the skin what it was to be cheated by my first girlfriend, which was a trauma that took me years to overcome. 

But what you're talking in here is borderline barbaric punishment that has no bearing nor civilized thought behind it and what's worst, you're overgeneralizing an entire sex while completely dismissing any kind of reproch or similar thought to the opposite sex, which shows the clear agenda you have behind such flawed, primitive and ridiculous logic. 

As for women not cheating as often as men, I'll only ask you this: Have you ever read issues of Cosmopolitan or similar women-exclusive magazines? Go to the confession pages (or you can try the online version) and you'll see tons of cases of women asking advice of whether or not to cheat, or that are considering cheating or that have actually cheated, and they do so plainly out in the open. Which is almost funny, since almost every issue of Cosmo has on it's cover "How to keep your man from cheating" XD. If you don't believe me, a very quick search on google opened this right in the very first links: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/advice/confessions/trick-or-cheathttp://www.cosmopolitan.com/advice/confessions/what-the-groom-doesnt-know

Of course, you'll also find similar tons of cases in which men also cheat on this girlfriends or spouses. In any case, however, does anyone deserve such cruel or barbaric treatment. People deal with the issues that such cheating involves and move on with their lives. A case of broken heart can be mended with time. Physical torture and the primitive treatment you suggest does not mend.

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