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GhaudePhaede010 said:
WTH? The Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria, Primordial, SILVERSUN PICKUPS! Muse are a joke... And I love Muse but come on... Hell, White Stripes. Muse? Ugh. Step it up.

 Silversun Pickups were great but I wouldn't say they are the most original band...I do agree that The Mars Volta are great but I'm kinda bitter because I still miss the hell out of At The Drive-In. Coheed & Cambria sound a little too much like Rush vocally but I guess that they are a bit more original than most other bands. The White Stripes broke up years ago. I guess you could say Jack White though...I would agree because he has a lot of great projects and keeps music pretty refreshing. So I will go along with you and agree with Jack White....