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I don't really understand why the Sony fans keep saying that their line-up is so much better.
The PS2 had 3 major system sellers:

1) GTA
2) Gran Turismo
3) Final Fantasy

The most important one went multiplatform, of which the 360 will benefit the most because the franchise is biggest in the States. The other two won't arrive in 2008.

Of course everyone will start screaming"MGS 4!!!" but imho that's a moderate system seller at best. Sure it will sell a lot, but it will cater the people that already have a PS3.

I'm not saying PS3 won't outsell the 360 in 2008, but it lost 2007 and it will take at least until GT5 and FF13 are out until the PS3 can think about taking over the LTD sales of the 360.