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Welcome to Vgchartz very own talent competition!

We are going to scour the Planet looking for the most talented Members on this site. We will start off in the United Kingdom and work our way to the United States. Once the try-outs are over with and the contestants have been selected we will move on to the main event thread.

Those who make it to the finals will compete for one of three prizes that will be listed below. The main event will be four seperate weeks of competition. Each week will be different and will challenge each contestant differently.

We will be having guest Judges and guest performers along the way as well.

The Rules of the Competition

  • You can use whatever program you want to show us your talent. Youtube, Vocarooo, Photoshop, etc. But if it is not Vocaroo you must show proof that it is actually you some how.
  • Anything can be brought forth as a talent. It is up to the judges to decide if it qualifies though.
  • Your try-out may be as long as you want it to be. At least 10 seconds long though.
  • There will be security present that will escort you out of the thread if you cannot act some what normal.
  • No Autoplay videos allowed. This is especially a problem with Go-Animate. You must disable the code yourself. There may be an easier way, but I just make it a youtube video and disable it like that.

  • Here are you 2012 Vgchartz Got Talent Judges




Audio recording software >>

Record music and voice >>

Record music with Vocaroo >>

Previous Try-outs




1st place -$20

2nd place - $10

3rd place - $5

Prizes may be in any form that are feasible to make happen. Amazon gift card, Steam, Paypal, etc.



*Special Thanks to Miz our Graphic Designer, and Tads12 for Technical Support and Security.







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