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BasilZero said:
Ash....hasnt aged or won anything and uses the wrong pokemon (poor taste according to the anime from what I've seen).

Anyways, Fire Emblem fans!

I have a question. I am new to the Fire Emblem series and would like to know what game I should begin/start at?

Now I got some stipulations (not sure if I used the right word):

-Remakes are recommended
-Storyline order is recommended.


First Fire Emblem game I ever played was Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for DS.  I picked-it up last year on clearance pricing at a retail store and was immediately hooked and engrossed by it.  Great game that is severely over looked in my opinion.  The way they apply consequences to your strategies if you are reckless gives you a connection/attachment to your characters that many other games lack.  I immediately went on eBay and got Fire Emblem GBA to try and start playing them in chronological order according to their NA releases.  Now, if I could only find my Gameboy Player so I could re-attach it to my Gamecube and play the GBA Fire Emblems on my television when I'm playing at home...