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ioi said:
JEMC said:
Since I don't know where to ask this, I'll do it here: If I find a game from which I know, for example, characters or release dates, how do I submit that info?

I mean, I click the "Edit this game" button that takes me to the "Outline", and other options like "Walkthrough", "Achievements" and "Cheats", but what about characters and dates?

Or do I have to be a "Trusted Contributor" to do that?

Yes, only trusted contributors can edit stuff like that at the moment. If any VGChartz guys wanna be bumped up to that status then let me know - the idea really at this stage is to keep the spammers at bay.

Any chance I can get the "trusted contributor" status? I'm not a good writer (English isn't my first language) and I think I would do a much better job adding release dates and boxarts. I would, however, still understand if you reject my request since I haven't contributed anything to this site for months, and probably wouldn't contribute to Gamewise as much as I used to here.

By the way, I can't sign in on Gamewise. I tried reseting my password, but with no results. Didn't recieve an e-mail.  EDIT: Nevermind.