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zarx said:
JEMC said:

^For the gun combat, and it is just my opinion, the could take some inspiration of Mass Effect.

The over the shoulder and zooming could work, as well as some of the skills like better aiming both for % of hit the target but also % of hitting critical parts like the heart or the head (something that goes in line with classes) or faster cooldown/faster reloading for your weapons and/or implants powers.


@Gomamon. I don't hate it, it's just that I don't get used to see your nick with that pic. Nothing that time can't solve.

Do we need another Mass Effect tho? Not that it would be such a bad thing.

And what do you think about my new pic? Suit me better in your oppinion?

Nope, we don't need another Mass Effect for now, hence why I didn't mention things like cover system. But the basic things like the camera position and some skills could serve as inspiration.

@The new pic: it's more aggressive, and you seem to be more reflexive. But then, I don't know you so... And, for God's sake! It's your profile pic! Do whatever you want and to the hell with whatever do the others think!

Do you like Gomamon? Then use it! End of the story.

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