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zarx said:

So just so no one else makes one before I do I am claiming this game. 

So what is Cyberpunk? Well stay a while and listen and I will tell you. Other than a sub genre of sci-fi fiction, Cyberpunk  is a pen and paper RPG creted by Mike Pondsmith. The universe is an 80s inspired near future where following a vast socio-economical collapse and a period of martial law, the United States government has had to rely on several megacorporations to survive. Information warfare and augmentation are also major ellements of the universe. 

So the videogame is made by CDPrjekt RED, is a nonlinear "mature RPG for a mature audience" which promises to offer a smoother introduction into the story and universe of the game than the Witcher games. The game will also offer much more character customisation with multiple classes and various augmentations that you can make to your character. Also recent job listings suggest that there may be some kind of online multiplayer element to the game. And that is about all we know at this point all we really have is one peice of concept art. 

Thats not what cyberpunk is about, would be weird to have 1 plot in a whole genre.