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Slimebeast said:
CGI-Quality said:
Slimebeast said:
GeneralMLD is cool and a true man, showing his face to an army of haters. Most of our members secretly wish they were as brave and bold as him.

I sometimes wonder if you post some of things that you do just to get a reaction from people.

He isn't standing up against "haters", he does just what they do (and many of them aren't "haters" at all, they just know a person with an extreme bias when one comes along). In a sense, he's what you'd call a guy that was once part of a specific faction, in their little crowd, but now seeks to take them on.........with their own tactics. Not exactly commendable, but hey, whatever floats the boat.

Not in this case, but sure, if I am self-critical for a moment, I think it sometimes can happen that I post stuff to get a reaction, but it's more done sub-consciously rather than intentional. So I do not admit to trolling, but I think the basic psychological mechanism - the urge to want a reaction from other people - might be similar.

About GeneralMLD, the key thing is that he is the underdog. That's what the Xbox-Sony fanboy war is mostly about from the Xbot perspective. We are many who hate the superior attitude of Sony fans, not Sony or its products themselves, and that's why we have sided with the underdog and sometimes we take on the full fanboy role of pretending Xbox is the best thing since sliced bread.

But you can see the blink in the eye of GeneralMLD. He is not dead serious. He's just a lonely hero standing up against the fanatical Sony army.

If that's how you see it. I sure as heck don't see anything heroic about righteousness as an "underdog - one man army" in an online forum, especially when the plight is stained with irony.