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MonstaMack said:
deskpro2k3 said:
MonstaMack said:
free to play? How does this compare to say, WoW.

It wont be free to play, but to compare it with WoW, I think the controls will feel the same. it'll have that play at your own pace theme park feel. The story is suppose to be like a Final Fantasy console game, and at the sametime have that MMO aspects and contents.

Ok thanks. I played FFXI years ago on the PS2 and then the PC for almost a year and had a lot of fun. The question I probably should have asked: Is it better then that? Any trials?

I'm actually just playing the WoW trial cus It's 100% free to level 20 (granted once you hit that cap you can't do anything else besides make new characters) and giving EQ2 a try as well. Looking for a side PC MMO outside of all my console games.

the PS3 beta will be free I think. there is also a 30 day free trial