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MrT-Tar said:
Basically F-Zero GX with 30 Player online and leaderboards for me. Oh and heavy advertisement, I don't want it dying a horrible death saleswise, justifying another long gap before the next installment.

Which is where the excellence of Nintendo Land comes in. If they pack the game with every Wii U sold, every Wii U owner will be familiar with the series.

...but yeah, some great ordinary advertising to complement that wouldn't be a bad idea.

Yeah I agree, Nintendoland has a lot of advertising potential.  On the Gamecube, the main reason I took and interest in, and upon release bought, Starfox Adventures and Metroid Prime was because I was familiar with the main character/s and the series in general from Super Smash Bros Melee.  Similarly, I imagine the popularity of Brawl helped Kid Icarus: Uprising not only gain exposure, but also sell to those not familiar with the NES and GB games.