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I won't lie to you, this is my most anticipated title for the Wii U *throws NSMBW copy out the window*. Here is what I want to see in Nintendo's next installment of this awesome franchise:

- All previous features remains. We don't need more than 30 players per race, and I don't want any sort of weapon or items since that would shift focus away from the importance of gameplay and driving skills. The machine creator could be vastly improved though.

- Death Race to return. One of my greatest wishes: Me and my friends even want this so badly that we sometimes set the number of laps to infinite and start killing eachother in F-Zero GX. While this game mode was no more than decent on the N64 version, one cannot fail to see the massive potential this mode has to offer: Dangerous maps specifically designed for this mode with less walls, less regeneration zones (or none at all after a certain amount of laps) and more lava. Specific rules preventing people from driving too slow, or too far behind everyone else (obviously resulting in death). Perhaps even team matches would be a fun addition?

- Great online features. I would understand if they cannot make 30 player online matches, but Mario Kart Wii managed to pull off 12 with the Wii hardware so I guess hope is not lost. An even better example would be the 32 player supported launch title Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360. I would prefer server-based online over matchmaking, but I guess both works as long as there are a few options to choose from.

- Cat & Mouse mode. Here is my WTF-wish (or more appropriately: 'dream-wish', I suppose). Imagine a race in local multiplayer where there are five contestants: Four co-operating on the TV, and one using the Wii U tablet. The tablet user's sole purpose is to kill the other racers. With his screen, he is able to place traps on the map while also having an infinite amount of energy, making it easier to catch up with the others who's purpose is to dodge all the traps and attacks from this guy and reach the finish alive.


I know, most of my wishes probably won't happen and some may sound like outright stupid ideas. Luckily, I am proud to announce that my fuck reserves got wasted a few days ago when my cat fell off the roof.


Now please, share your ideas! :D