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SvennoJ said:
I just watched The Island again. Despite all the Michael Bay nonsense it was still very enjoyable the 2nd time around. Great idea for a modern take on Logan's run.
It would have been better with a bigger focus on the first and last part of the movie instead of the long drawn out unbelievable chase sequence in between. It does spoil the surprise a bit early, movies like The Others, The Village and The Sixth Sense do a better job at building up to the big twist.

I also watched Just friends recently, a decent comedy. Got a few laughs, not watch again material though.

And I'm halfway through In Bruges and Pirate radio. Pirate radio is pretty good, mostly because the music from the 60's rocks. In Bruges is a slow burner. The best part is the dialogue, the worst part is the mumbling, no subtitles for this one on Netflix and a fussy baby talking through the movie. At least a 10 month old shouldn't pick up on all the swearing yet.

In Bruges is amazing. But yeah, you pretty much need subtitles to get everything.