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Mnementh said:
homer said:
Sick of people shoving gay pride crap down people's throats. It's so stupid. Are people so low that they have to add a political message to cookies now? As a christian, I will never recognize their partnership despite what the government claims.

Christian religion doesn't mean you have to hate gay people. This image is from the Christopher Street Day in Berlin, it shows the truck of the christian gays:


The banner on the left says something like: man-on-man, lesbian, confident, christian

(Beware, some of the photographs in the german CSD-article are NSFA - not safe for americans)

No. The bible clearly states that being gay is a sin. Any christian who defends it as if it is not a sin is either not actually a christian or very mislead and ignorant of what their religion actually states. Sure, you can be kind and nice to others with different beliefs but you must draw a line and the sand and not stand up for something that is explicitly stated as wrong.

"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." -My good friend Mark Aurelius