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Yeah, i have never heard of them, but even going 20 minutes west of here over the border into Ohio and you find a lot of suddenly-strange chains.

Well and I mean, outside being only in Arizona, to give you an example of just how crazy In-and Out burger is.


There official Menu looks like this.


French Fries.




That's it... and there is ALWAYS a dozen or more people in line before you and about 10 people sitting down and standing by the drink area for their food.

It's not even like Five guys where they have a ton of different topings... it's just the regular burger toppings and that's about it.


If your ever out west it's worth going to just to see the lines.

Thats how in and out was when they first came here to utah, but now they are just like any other fast food place.  The excitement is gone and with it the lines.  They do have pretty good burgers for fast food though, but personally im more partial to carls jr.  Especially since they have fry sauce, something that im guessing you guys know nothing about because it seems to be a utah only thing.