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I forget which site but there was a chart that just showed that Nintendo never releases a redesign after the first year. (Not only for the DS but they showed GBA, which need a redesign also that awful screen and Gameboy. But it seems to also follows the same theme. The first redesign usually has longer battery life and takes on a different form, the next redesign usually adds functionality to the device and the next is another form change.

Please don't tell me to wait for an additinal 2 year for a redesign!! I want more battery life, and better 3d and a second cirle pad!

Have you seen this?



Certainly not ideal, but I am looking forward to it at the moment (left handed).

Yeah, I've seen that around here somewhere, but I don't wanna get a 3DS, and THEN that bulky piece, and THEN get the redesign a year from now =( that makes me a sad panda =(

I just wanna get ONE piece of hardware without any add-ons - is that too much to ask Ninty!? Is it!!?

Redesign or no redisgn, I don't agree with waiting years for something that may not happen, for me, we enjoy the system, and I'll get this attachment, mostly for the extra battery (CP doesnt work wth their existing power pak) if a redisgn comes along that I want to get, well the kids will take full ownership of this unit, after I get my ambassador games off of it anyway.

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