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Wow, my avatar made it to the OP! :D

...and now, I feel old :(


Anyway: Hello world. My name is IIIIITHE1IIIII with capital "I"'s, but people oftentimes refer to me as "The Jesus of atheism" or simply "THE 1". I started my gaming career on the NES and then jumped straight to the N64, skipping the SNES completely :(

Here's my entire home console history: NES - N64 - Gamecube - Xbox - Xbox 360 - Wii

And as for handhelds: GBP - GBC - GBA SP - DS - DSL - DSi - DSi XL - 3DS


I am the creator of several epic threads including:

- Holy fucking shit! It's a dinosaur!

- Your greatest gaming accomplishments

- Fate exists?

- How much is a human worth?

- How to disprove free will

- Your favorite games this generation

- Can we assure someone a place in heaven?

- Is NintendoPie a greater spammer than Soriku?


And this is just the beginning.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to get to know more people as time goes by! ^.^