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Aiight... I'm not a newcomer but since I didn't have an avatar and wasn't so active well... I live in Montreal, I'm 34, graphic designer since 2007. I've worked on different projects and some of them were gaming related. I liked the gaming experience and so I decided to take 3d and gaming courses here in Montreal. I participated in different events like Montreal Videogame Summit and Arcadia from Ubisoft... that was a long time ago.

I like art a lot especially if it's 3D or stereoscopic, holograms etc. I have a few projects I'm working on that are impressive maybe I'll show some of them.

I like all games but this generation I don't have much time for gaming so I didn't bought every consoles. The one I have is the 360 and I'm satisfied with it.

My avatar was designed by me on Photoshop, just doing more so I don't lose it.