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See unlike many posters here, ive grown a lot and xhanged. Ive made friends with old enemies and o respect all 3 companies truly...where when i started i was a sonyboi.

So believe me when i telp you that i AM capable of daying that it didnt happen. Howvere the accisations put forward so far is that it couldnt happen logistically. What im parading around as logic isnt proof that ilms did do so, but that the capability to do so is present. The capability and the motive are logical.
Youll have to forgive me gor being combatative but ive written that a good three times already. Heres the fourth:
The motive and capability are logically sound, however whether or not it actually happened is not guaranteed just because the motive and capability are there.
When you look at the market, we are missing a whole bunch of 360 sales. No trackers in the world know where they are and suddenly ms stores are having this "sale" to lower the entry price, right?
Surely you must agree that something is going on there correct?
So what could they be doing?
Simply lowering the price, business as usual?
Your friends have countered the motivations of the drop by pointing out that every major analyst is calling it a price test for next gen. I put price test in quotes because i dont think they will ise that model for next gen because this is really geared toward getting people