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NotStan said:
theprof00 said:
ImJustBayuum said:
MS stuff the supply chain by shipping a lot of xbox 360s to their own store..massive assertion from some people on this forum. Shame they got no facts to back that up. PS3 overtracked, clearly.

I know you're not much for following the track of the conversation and just flaming specific points you disagree with, but let me set you straight.

I believe the PS3 is overtracked by up to 500k.

However, that has literally nothing to do with MS (not "stuffing the supply chain" Mr. straw man) shipping many consoles to their own stores in preparation for this "price test".

Again, I also stated that it wasn't a fact, but is a logical possibility. It has the motivation, the capability, and the situation fits it quite well. That being said, it could still be wrong. But since we have no way of knowing without specific word from above, I prefer to speculate on where these consoles are because what is fun to me is figuring out what is going on. Not sitting back and talking shit about others for asking questions. Derp.

I think it's time you took a break from mafia, you speculate way too much. In all likelyhood even if your theory holds merit(in theory), there simply isn't enough stores to stuff that many 360s into. Unless each acompanies a large warehouse they have nowhere to put them, there is possibly a higher possibility of them shipping the 360s to Bermuda's triangle, or to the lost island.

It's viable on paper, but in reality that sort of practice would have been found out by now, after all, it's been a full quarter. Someone is buying up the 360s, likely a rich oil baron, but nonetheless, MS is unlikely stuffing their own 20 or so stores they have worldwide.

Kudos on the theory though. What we can do is wait untill the next Q financials, after this programme kicks off - if it's a success and the shipments will not tell a similar story then your theory is correct that they've overshipped in anticipation, however, if the numbers are on par with last years or general trends, then it's probably wrong.(Similar because of taking the degredation of the industry into account)

facepalm. Shipped to go WAREHOUSES. MS has their own warehouses. Maybe you need to play some mafia.