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ImJustBayuum said:
theprof00 said:
ImJustBayuum said:
MS stuff the supply chain by shipping a lot of xbox 360s to their own store..massive assertion from some people on this forum. Shame they got no facts to back that up. PS3 overtracked, clearly.

I know you're not much for following the track of the conversation and just flaming specific points you disagree with, but let me set you straight.

I believe the PS3 is overtracked by up to 500k.

However, that has literally nothing to do with MS (not "stuffing the supply chain" Mr. straw man) shipping many consoles to their own stores in preparation for this "price test".

Again, I also stated that it wasn't a fact, but is a logical possibility. It has the motivation, the capability, and the situation fits it quite well. That being said, it could still be wrong. But since we have no way of knowing without specific word from above, I prefer to speculate on where these consoles are because what is fun to me is figuring out what is going on. Not sitting back and talking shit about others for asking questions. Derp.

Stupid speculation paraded around like a fact. Why would they only "price test" on their own stores, when majority of 360s are sold via other retailers. And no one is talking shit about you, just your shitty speculations.

You have a bad attitude and are condescending.

What are you talking about "price test" at their own stores? Listen to your friends, bayuum, they all said the same thing.