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theprof00 said:
slowmo said:

Stops smoking crack, it's not big and certainly not clever!

Apologies if I've jumped to the wrong conclusion but that's pretty much the only statement that can be made for someone who think there is more ms fans on this site than Sony posting about sales.  You're nuts.

OT - The PS3 is overtracked, anyone remotely unbiased as said so for the last 3 months.  Sony fans whinging about channel stuffing sound like the pro MS nutters who said the same about the PS3 after the 2009 pricecut.  Get over it, estimates are estimates and change all the time, sometimes they support a stance you've been arguing other times they harpoon your argument.

I'm not trying to defend the guy, but weren't you one of those people?

I think I was one of those people who said adjustments will come so stop whinging about them tbh.  Feel free to prove me wrong though.  I would add that the Sony crowd had whined consitantly for about 6 months about the PS3 being undertracked before the change was made.  Lets put this into perspective though, no matter what my opinion was back then it was 3 years ago and both me and this site have changed drastically in that time. 

For the record btw I maybe pro MS but I've owned all 3 consoles since April 2008 (and a reasonable spec PC) and still do have all 3 so it's not like I have a particular preference without experiencing the other options unlike some people on the site.


P.S I couldn't find anything far enough back to either prove you right or wrong although last year I did say it was stupid of people to accuse MS of lying about shortages just as it was silly to do the same when Sony had claimed the same in 2010 post the busy 2009 holidays.  I maybe hypocrit on many subjects but I think I've always been of a similar mindset on the subject of consoles being over/under tracked not being too much of an issue as they get adjusted correctly eventually.