The Last Of Us, Playstation All-Stars, Little Big Planet Karting, Ratchet and Clank Collection Dates Listed By Retailer

After checking the pre-order section of Video Games Plus, we discovered that a lot of upcoming video games have specific release dates nailed down, even though they have yet to be confirmed by the publisher. We will split the over 25 games into separate posts, so you can find the game you want more easily.

*Since these aren’t confirmed by the publisher, the dates should be treated as a rumour right now, even though most of them make sense and will likely turn out to be true.


Ratchet and Clank Collection (PS3) – Tuesday, September 4th

Little Big Planet Karting (PS3) – Tuesday, November 6th

The Last Of Us (PS3) – Tuesday, December 4th

Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale (PS3) – Tuesday, December 11th


Our take: We have to say that they are 50/50 on this one. Ratchet and Clank and Little Big Planet Kartingseem like good bets, but December dates for The Last of Us and Playstation All-Stars seem like way too late in the holiday season. Expect an earlier date for All-Stars and maybe a push to 2013 for The Last Of Us.

As soon as these games have confirmed dates, we’ll let you know.

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i didn't see the full list posted: be sure3 to veiw all the links for different annoucements