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CGI-Quality said:

And you came to the positive thread to also post your displeasure. So what's the difference?

Some people's reaction to Battle Royale instantly reminded me of an iconic pic:

On a serious note, Gilgamesh asked an interesting question - what are people (that don't care for it) so worried about? If it's something you don't like / approve of / want - don't buy it and ignore all coverage of it. I've said that several times now. It is an easy remedy to help with this case of disapproval.

CGI, @bold, that's why I made this thread. To keep the negative out of Gilga's thread, and bring it to a place of its own where people can freely talk about it.

I'm very happy with the participation my thread got so far, there has been alot of interesting discussion this far. The more we can keep the debate constructive, the farther people can go with finding peace with feelings of resentment. That way, when someone asks for example "Why do you think it copies so much?", people can answer knowing why themselves, above the feeling.

I find this kins of exercise important in building bridges between gamers, as long as people can understand the intent and rules of this thread this will help everyone, defenders and critics alike.

@Sal. I was in the middle of posting a super reply to yours exlpaining things when VGChartz went down... I'll try to salvage it but I'm not too hopeful, it's at my work computer