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Apparently this OP was too negative, despite all the disclaimers I've already provided, so in aims of being even more objective, here is a table of similarities and differences:


  • The height of the jumps
  • The default number of mid-air jumps (2)
  • Nearly identical ragdoll physics
  • the default attack reach
  • the attack visual effects
  • the level size to character size ratio
  • the pummeling physics
  • the juggling physics
  • the combo dynamics
  • 1P 2P icon similarities
  • the % system
  • the Super attack animations
  • the grab animations



  • The special and super points and construct
  • you don't get a kill unless you have a super
  • a different attack-to-defense playstyle due to AP harvesting
  • a 3-button attack system (in contrast to 2)
I hope this will quiet Runa once and for all.



The situation:

We have all been eagerly waiting for the big announcement by Sony, a  brawler much like Nintendo's, something similar and just as fun.

Well boys and girls, it's finally arrived.


What I expected:

What most of us expected was a brawler like smash, but with its own signature (other than the skin), something that makes it its own. Taking a bit from smash, a bit from other fighters, the game would be really a make of its own.



What we got:

Litterally, it's Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with Sony Characters. Almost everything is identical except the theme (see video below). In essence, it's a shameless rip-off (not an insult at Sony).


Playstation All-Stars in-game footage:


Super Smash Bros. Brawl in-game footage:


What I ask is are there other like-minded individuals, Super Smash bros. fans who would love to get their hands on a game like this, but who are just feeling a bad stomach because they feel like Nintendo is getting ripped off?

Thanks for posting your opinions!