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man-bear-pig said:
Barozi said:
man-bear-pig said:
Would be interesting to see trials evolutions first week sales.

Call me crazy, but i think 500k!

I think that's like a lot too high, but I guess it has done quite well.

On Trueachievements it has already more players in its first day than Fez had in its first 7 days.
Trials HD has some incredible steady legs, so I guess Trials Evolution will have them too and won't be so frontloaded.

Maybe that was the fanboy in me speaking, lol. I'll go with 350k. Anyway, about 10 people i know have got this game and it already have 9k reviews on XBLA. Oh, and its good that XBLA games now have 400G instaed of 200. I got 300/300G in the first one

Anyway, Im downloading it now and i cant wait, Trails HD was my favourite game of all time

not my favourite game of all time but it is my favourite xbox arcade game. competing with some friends makes so much fun in that games it's unbelievable. playing with some guys at the same time with all of them in the chat and then "pahahaha xyz i broke your record on blablub track" and all "pahaha lololol" is so much fun^^