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Aksys email - Get Ready to Shift Your World

Check out the full email here


Etrian Odyssey IV - soundtrack details

- music from Yuzo Koshiro
- three samples have been posted to the game's official Japanese website
- game will feature live session players
- will not include a PC/FM versions this time around

Check out the official site here for sound samples


Every N64 game released in North America - Video compilation



more retroness!



Skip 99% of Traveling Across the Field - Awesomeness (TAS)




Looks horrendous...

Thundercats - debut interview, footage









FreddeGredde’s “Video Game Rock Medley” features Zelda

You might remember a couple years back we reported on FreddeGredde’s amazing video of him playing all the instrument parts in his medley from The Wind Waker. He’s gone on to cover many, many more videos of him covering songs, and has also released a fantastic album of original songs written and performed by himself.

Now he’s back with another amazing video game medley! This time covering 34 (!) themes in about ten minutes in a fantastic prog rock style. And, yes, two of those 34 songs are Zelda themes. The way he perfectly synchronized the video of him playing the notes with the video of Link playing those same notes is inspired is spine tingling awesome.

Watch him perform all of the instruments (guitars, bass, keyboards, tin whistle, kazoo) but drums and hear how expertly he segues through songs in the video after the jump!

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