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I dont think the X360 has sold 2 million in december in North America ...not by a long shot .And in Europe they have been selling some 80 000 consoles per month so two or three months of difference in between year doesn add too much ....if you add the october and november data you can obtain some 750 000 in NA and 200 000 in Europe ...in Japan some 10 000 ...so 5,5 million by end november ....this means they have sold a lot in december and are around 7,9 millions ... I think the data is straight ,the issue here is that you dont want to believe it...probably because you have your own ideas .In any case it doesnt matter ,the official data of NPD and Media Create and estimations on Europe (some provided by MS themselves ) tend to the numbers of this page and differ greatly of the fanboy especulations of sites as nextgenwars etc .Simply add the NPD info month after month and the official information of media create and the one hinted about Europe (MS themselves told they had 1,3 million around X06 in Europe ...and 1,7 end november ) ....the data is straight no matter what you think .