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endimion said:
wait what.....???? since when having a stock value high makes you the leader?? MS is still the world leader in their main market by light years... number 1 in the os market and productivity software.... pretty sure still second in server.... heck the only place where apple is leader is the tablet market... even in phones they have concretely 15% of the market.... the company also turns less on the dollar than MS does..... nah the stock is high because lots of people evaluate less risk with apple right now but MS has a long time ahead before they fall second... heck a lot of prevision put them back close or in front of iOS in the phone division by 2015.... so yeah the fact that the fruit company got a lot if front page time... they never actually claimed any really factual throne.... and i use to despise MS (until the XBox) pretty much.... but apple makes them look like saints when it comes to effing up customers as hard as they can... where apple top them is they succeed at making those A hole come back for more with a smile on their face walking backwards.... it is disgusting.... So yeah MS doesn't just look like better in my book they are by a long shot.... and we are not even talking about MS R&D Vs apple...

I think a lot of people have really high hopes for the future of Apple. It is all about the outlook. Personally, I don't think Apple will get much bigger than it is now. Don't get me wrong, Apple is HUGE, but I have the feeling that the innovations are not happening for the past years. Yeah the iPhone got better, the iPad became better, but nothing "OH MY GOOOD!"-like happened like when they introduced the iPhone or iPod.

And Apple fails for non portable devices compared to their portable ones. Look at Apple TV.

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