Heavenly_King said:
pezus said:
Heavenly_King said:
For those who expected that Diablo III would evolve the franchise; this is the ideal game really.

Darksiders 2 looks freaking awesome!! with all the action, RPG elements, loot, bigger places to explore, etc, etc, etc

Except it's just a totally different play style, not an "evolution" from Diablo

Its an action-rpg, in which you pick up loot, customize your character, upgrade your character, explore lots of dungeons, but larger than life bosses with an EPIC STORY.

And yes it has different play style because it is an evolution of Diablo and NOT an actual Diablo game.

Again, that, in no way, shape or form, means it's an evolution of Diablo. Are you saying console controls are somehow an evolution of a mouse?