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Have hapenned that You're waiting for the release a lovely looking jRPG on your system? one of those that little publishers sometimes take risk to translate them and then don't sell enough to risk translating the sequel or a similar game? Are you one of those that loved Valkirya Chronicles and VCII and are you waiting for VCIII coming out to the US? Are you just a sucker for jRPG or Anime looking games? If your answer is Yes, mat be, you will be interested  on supporting this project:


The iniciative comes from MonkeyPawGames and is the first for funding a translation project, in this case Class of heroes II for PSP.


The first games was published by ATLUS on US market and yesterday droped price on PSN store up to just 15$


I will fund some 20$ on this project.. not for getting the game, is for supporting this Idea and the probabilty to seeing with other games of interest like Valkirya Chronicles III, Queen's Blade, Legend of Heroes Trails in Sky II and III and others...


And You, What you think of this Idea? Will be a success? Currently they Have 21k+ of 500k needed with 29 days left.. Do you think they'll acomplish this? What other games You  would like to see funded?


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