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My reaction: So you bring up an article from september 2011 to try make yourself feel better about what was said last week form an actual 3rd party dev. Which was this:

So far the hardware's been on par with what we have with the current generations. Based on what I understand, the resolution and textures and polycounts and all that stuff, we're not going to being doing anything to up-rez the game, but we'll take advantage of the controller for sure.'

The rest of the article is here:


Not too mention that "THQ employee" sounds rather iffy as well...

Not that I'm claiming that the Wii U won't be more powerful than the PS3/X360, but the OP posted a "old" article from a site that doesn't look at all high profile, without an actual name of the employee, which just doesn't suddenly convince me.

But we'll see at E3 or around then what the final console will be like I suppose.


@OP: Just because the guy in the other thread about the other article posted a poll with a silly option, doesn't mean you couldn't have bothered to include a normal/serious poll.

Dude I’m always serious, I don’t get what your talking about  


This is a WTF situation and that what I would have said if two contradicting things on the same day. Specs don't go backwards as that will make things harder for devs and Nintendo wants things to go as smooth and easy as possible for them.

In the end the pull is not the discussion it’s the text in the OP that is

And btw this interview can be found ells where so I don’t get why it’s not to be taken as legit just because you don’t know the site lol

How do you know specs don't go backwards? How you personally been involved in the creation procces of a console before?

It makes perfect sense to me that it's possible that they overshot their early dev builds, perhaps using the specs of early builds would have just been to expensive to use for the final console for a pricepoint that Nintendo may be aiming for.

As for your "I don't get why it's not to be taken as legit", well if this was professional legit interview, the THQ employee would have been named as I have previously stated.