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Microsoft announced the number of consoles SHIPPEd ,not sold .The numbers are correct ,if you add all the NPD data since the console launch month after month the final number is the aggregated number this page has for 30 november .Microsoft also provided late october and early november some approximative numbers for Europe and Australia and we know the number of consoles sold in Japan thorough media create ...the console had some 5,5 million sold by 30 november and the numbers add up perfectly until the actual 7.9 . By the way ,dont be too confident about Sony ,Microsoft or Nintendo when they give the sales numbers ...they dont have any mean to calculate how many consoles have been sold they can only tell you how many they did sell to retail .Plus ,of course ,the propaganda inherent to the official announcements ....Microsoft expected to sell 6 million in 6 months and when they shipped(not sold ) 6 million some 9-10 months later they announced it as a great success ... Like it or not but the X360 is bombing in Japan and in Europe it has been doing very poorly until now (we will see the numbers for christmas that seems to have improved but I tell you from now that the PS2 is outselling it by a large margin ) and 7,9 million in 14 months is its reality .