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Obviously a pointless rather then poignant test. The writer wasn't even well versed in the commandments themselves. The commandment for instance is not thou shalt not bare false witness. Thats a indictment of perjury not an indictment against fabrication merely fabrication with lasting and significant harm. Without lies society would fall apart in an instant. Secondly its thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods or covet thy neighbors wife. Technically you could covet an unmarried woman, or the same kind of goods you neighbor has.

Ironically it is all a moot point considering that the reward promised for following the ten commandments that Moses delivered to the Jews. Was not a reward of heavenly bliss. This particular covenant is between god and the people of Israel. For delivering them from bondage, and bringing them to the promised land.

I don't agree with any of it personally, but when Christians sight the old testament excuse me the Torah. They show a dangerous lack of understanding of what the text says and what it exactly means. Further more much of what god says is right in our modern society we view as sinful. Such as having sex with your sister in law if your brother should die without fathering a heir. The taking and proper maintenance of slaves. Even the proper methods of making blood sacrifices.

I just think its rather humorous.