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I've purchased every single Nintendo console since SNES and almost every portable (except for 3DS which I will get within a year).

I've never owned a PS1, but do have a PS2, PS3 and PSP.

I'm still "new" to PC and probably wont expand over to it until I get myself a gaming PC.

As for Xbox, if I had the additional funds, I would get it, but not atm.

My entire history would be like:

1991 - Super Nintendo
1996 - Nintendo 64
1999 - Gameboy Color
2001 - GameCube
2002 - Gameboy Advance
2003 - Playstation 2
2005 - Playstation Portable
2007 - Nintendo DS
2008 - Wii
2011 - Playstation 3

Planning to get a PSVita this year and perhaps a Wii-U when it gets launched or will wait till 2013 for that. More than likely will be getting a 3DS sometime this year if I can manage to get the funds for it or wait for a remodel , maybe a XL if it ever gets released (I can wait).

Would love to get a Xbox360 too for those discounted games that I missed or the exclusive RPGs like Tales of Vesperia *_*


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