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I'm inclined to give it 9.0 at this time. One of my favorite multiplayer games. Have yet to finish the campaign and co-op though, but we all know they don't matter in BF games .


  • Great, varied gameplay
  • Huge, open maps
  • Lots of weapons and gadgets
  • Best multiplayer graphics (and really overall graphics too) I've ever seen
  • Battlelog is actually kind of neat
  • Vehicles
  • Not just a run-and-gun shooter; more tactical
  • Levelling and unlocks for almost everything (weapons, vehicles, gadgets and more)
  • Free map pack (with limited edition - which I have :P)
  • A few bugs here and there
  • Have to unlock weapons for jets but that's almost impossible now since you only begin with a machine gun and are shot immediately out of the sky with a heat seeker
  • Origin
  • SP didn't seem very interesting
Edit: Should add that this is for the PC version