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spurgeonryan said:
yo_john117 said:


-720 Announcement along with a tech demo showing what is possible with the console.
-360 pricecut ($50-100)
-Kinect pricecut ($50)
-Halo 4 release date announced and a special edition console will be announced....and it will be sexy.

-PS3 pricecut ($50)
-PS3 will get colors in USA and Europe
-$50 pricecut for the low end model and $100 pricecut for the high end model of the Vita
- PSP pricecut.


-Will give out full details about the Wii U. Price will be $350-$400 for the base model and it will be significantly more powerful than the PS3 and 360.
-$20 Wii pricecut
- Possible 3DS and DS pricecut.


Epic will show a tech demo for their next gen engine.

Yes I'm uncreative

So you are basically saying that Microsoft will do the same thing as Nintendo did last year with the Wii U?

Also I think the 3DS is strong enough now that they can reduce the price of the DS. Should not effect 3DS sales too much.

Maybe they'll announce it with some little children playing games with it. ;P

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