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Semi-Realistic wishes, but whatever:


- WiiU name change, Holiday 2012.

- New Smash Bros short teaser.

- NSMB 2 unveil, uses DKCR engine, local and online multiplayer.

- Mario Kart 7 DCL, includes: (Okay, this will never happen, but it'd be amazing.

  • 4 New tracks.
  • 4 Retro tracks.
  • Diddy Kong, Walugi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Paratroopa, Toadette, Dry Bones, Birdo, Bowser Jr.
  • Bob-Omb Battle.
  • Single Player VS. mode.
  • MKWii's ability to change CPU level and CC.
  • Mission Mode.

- WiiU's Zelda short teaser.

- WiiU's line-up.

- Wii Sports U, Mario Spin-off as first party launch titles.

- Battlefield 3, Arkham City, New Call of Duty, New Assassin's Creed as third party launch titles.

- Localization of many 3DS games.

- The Last Story american release date.


- The Last of Us is the highlight of the show, Summer 2013.

- FFXIV 2.0 Demo.

- Vita's God of War.

- Sony's Fighter, classic arcade style.

- New Vita bundles.

- Gran Turismo Vita short teaser.

- Call of Duty: Spinoff.

- PS4 teaser, not many details.

- A mix of games for Vita and PS3.

- FFvs13 stays exclusive.


- AAA Kinect game

- A bunch of Kinect related stuff.

- Halo 4.

- New Fable.

- New Xbox, details, Spring 2013.

- Call of Duty demo. 

- Pricecut. 


ALSO, Sony WON'T give new The Last Guardian details, and Nintendo WON'T show us or mention Pikmin 3.