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Metrium said:
I rly love swapnote, I love the music and I love Nikky lol. I wish i could use the app more often, i rly do, but when I can simply text my friends with my phone I see no reason to use it. To be honest I think today was the 3rd time ive been using the app. The first time was when I first downloaded it, the second time was for valentines day. So I rly hope nintendo uses it more often, to wish us happy holydays, happy bday and to promote theyr E3 press conference etc...

Hey now!!! You better back off!!!  Nikki is mine!!  I might just have to tell her you misspelled her name to make sure I am her favorite. 

Also, sure Swapnote might not be the best way to communicate with actual friends but it is a pretty damn funny way to communicate with the VGC Nintendo community considering I am not friends with any of them in real life.   Also, I like the feature that shows you how they started and finished the drawing (showing you start to finish).  If you pay attention then you can see how other people draw.