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Oh, give me a break.

FF13 was not designed to appeal to western gamers. Look at western RPGs, they are big, open worlds with true freedom. FF and most JRPGs have false freedom and restricted worlds even if it feels open ended. If anything FF13 was designed to more appeal to Japanese gamers tastes by focuses on character development, story, and turn based battles. Oh and let's not forget cinematic flare, something western RPGs tend to sacrifice for expanding world detail and freedom. If it had been designed with western gamers in mind it would have featured real time combat, an optional first person mode, and a character designer.

Oh and the game was worked on as a PS3 exclusive for nearly all of it's development process. It wasn't until the game was nearly finished and they had already cut what they were going to cut and already had finalized what they were going to put in that the game was hastily ported to the 360. The 360 and the western market was an after thought. In fact I'd be willing to bet that the game was basically finished and was delayed for the port because Microsoft has a rule that all multiplatform games must be released on the same day or before other versions unless they contain extra features. FF13 was designed for Japan then localized and ported. That is all. It would have been the same game had it been PS3 exclusive and only released in Japan.