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oniyide said:
Iveyboi said:
A year or two ago I would have said maybe but giving it much thought the answer is no. Square Enix failed this gen period, partially by favouring the 360, but mostly due to trying to cater to a Western audience and failing (Western audiences either want Skyrim, or Xenoblade Chronicles, not a hybrid).

it wasnt even a hybrid, I dont know what the hell it was, but it played very little like WRPGS or even most JRPGS

@OP, man you dont know what you're talking about. 1st off, MS was the one to approach SE about gettng the game on 360. 2nd The design decisions were made LONG before they even decided to go multiplat. So no 360 didnt hurt the brand. Funny how the  brand was not hurt when 11 was released on 360.

My awful spelling fixed. I feel like FF13-2 played like a hybrid (13 did not at all aka no open world), and that most games that they released this gen feel like a forced hybrid of WRPG and JRPG (3rd birthday, Dissidia, etc.). Star Ocean 4 was one of the few true JRPGs this gen from them (IMO).

Infinite Undiscovery possibly (for the 360) and MAYBE Last Remnant were also traditional JRPGs, but both games were a little underwhelming

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