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VGKing said:
Acevil said:
I don't think PS3 exclusive would have caused the Final Fantasy 13 to be any more different.

I think it would. The only reason FF went multiplatform is to cash in on the Xbox 360. For it to sell on the platform Square Enix tried to westernize the games.

If it was PS3 exclusive I doubt they'd try and westernize the game.

Nope, the idea was always there, before the 360 version. Infact Square Enix have been making number of mistakes for awhile, but I am not going to do this argument again and again. 

Only thing I can think would have been different if 360 version didn't exist, people would defend it and it might have got a easier pass, similar to how Final Fantasy 7 Compilations gets a pretty free pass from "fans".