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NightDragon83 said:

Because the hardware probably allows significantly better graphics and because then the already low estimated sales would go even lower.

How did you not think of that?

We still don't know that.  Just because Wii U is supposedly more powerful on paper than PS360 based on the rumored specs, that's not going to necessarily translate into a huge gfx boost in reality.  See Wii vs Xbox/GC or even PS2 for comparison... there's only a handful of Wii games, almost all from Nintendo, that look better than most games from last gen.

And guess what?  I guarantee you that 95% of future PS360 multiplat games that are also announced for Wii U in the next year or two will be straight up ports with maybe some bonus content or enhanced controls thrown in, because that's the way things work.

But that's not a bad thing... you're still finally getting all the same AAA 3rd party games that other systems have been getting for years, now just on a Nintendo console, so what's the problem?  Can't have everything lol.

This is all just speculations about the future. Stop assuming that you're right and I'm wrong.