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Marks said:
Rath said:
Marks said:
Lol big deal having 1 nuke or whatever pathetic shit they discovered 67 years after Hiroshima/Nagasaki. So you could take out 1 american city or something? Then America could retaliate with wiping your entire nation off the map.

If they ever were to fire them it would be at Israel, one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

Oh yeah that's true, I forgot about that. Doesn't Israel have like 50+ nukes or something like that? I think they have enough to have nuclear deterrance. 

I personally don't think nuclear deterrence will work against religious fanatacism, there are some groups that would attack and damn the consequences. The current Iranian government (mad as they sometimes are) are not crazy enough to launch a nuke at Israel, there is no guarantee however that the next Iranian government won't be even more extreme in their hatred of Israel.


There are too many countries in the world with nukes that aren't stable or responsible enough to have them already; Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea.