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Gballzack said:
leo-j said:
Silver_Z said:
With such news.... it will only increase more sales of the Wii. Regardless whether it is as good as it claims. I for 1 will choose to buy the Wii if I see such news when considering a new console. I have already gotten my Wii few mths back, and I can only say... it is not as good as it seems. Mabbe I have a higher expectation of it, thus the disappointment.

The problem is that the media is EXTREEMLY negative when it comes to sony's gaming division I mean they try everything to make them look EXTREEMLY bad. They dont do shit to nintendo becuz they didnt win the last TWO console wars, and they dont say anythin about the 360 either actually they side with it dunno why. I think the wii sales will slowly decline the reason for this is becuz not every body wants a wii as much as a ps3 or 360, kids are most people buying it, it will decline when all of those kids have there wii's I thnk in abou 2 months.

My fanboy senses are tingling!!!

My gballzack senses are tingling. I cant believe I didnt reply to this nonsense.